the oldest security company

in the entire province of  Lecce

La Folgore was established in 1959 and is the oldest security company in the entire province of Lecce.
The company's age gives it credibility, but it is also modern in terms of both the fleet of vehicles and the sophisticated technology at its operating center.
The company's staff, which today has 50 employees and 40 patrols, enables comprehensive surveillancethroughout the Salento territory, from Maglie to Leuca, Lecce and the hinterland including the marinas.
La Folgore has a reputation for integrity and efficiency. Clients have shown their appreciation.
The combination of our security systems, installed by highly specialized personnel, and our surveillance service provided by our centralized control center, ensures that all our operations are timely and synchronized.
The coverage of our computer system guarantees, in addition to security, the utmost confidentiality of all customer data.
We are constantly working with law enforcement. The police, and the revenue corps have agreed to work with us in protecting and preventing criminal acts.


Tricase (LE): Via Romolo Murri, 3

Casalabate Lecce: Southern Coastal Way
Tel 0833 543712 - 542850 (4 lines)
Fax 0833 542621 (dedicated line)

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